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Wall Carpet| Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

There are a variety of modern floor coverings these days but some people still want wall carpeting in parts of the home, especially the bedroom. Carpets are very suitable for the children’s room and provide the safety of the children for the first few years of their lives. And select coordination plans. However, these floors make your home look beautiful.The use of simple carpets and one color will make the room larger, but your room may be large enough and you don’t need this decorating trick. So your hand is open to choose your favorite color and design.

Wall Carpet| Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

Which type of carpet is the best for outdoors?

Which type of carpet is the best for outdoors?In offices due to the high traffic the carpeting becomes much more frequent so if you use a home carpet it will disappear immediately due to low resistance to high traffic and need your carpet again. To change.Although we may pay more for our office carpet but it is longer and does not require early replacement so if we consider that a home carpet in our office will not last under 6 months and will have to be replaced several times a year, even Buying office carpeting will increase as well. But office carpeting should not be used for long carpeting because the carpet will either fall off or disappear, so it shows a part of your space with a carpet and a carpet without it. Which is not interesting in terms of appearance.

On the other hand, shoe carpets can also be trapped in office space and people can be trapped in office space. One of the important characteristics of office carpeting is its anti-depressant properties.Of course, not all office cartridges on the market are anti-purulent and must be listed in the product catalog.The anti-purgative property makes it easier to clean and makes the wall carpet tiles clean and easy to clean. The other requirement for office carpet is to be flammable. Because there is usually a lot of electrical equipment in the offices and even a carpet smoker may come in or other incidents, the carpet may have internal combustion capability, meaning keep the fire and flame at the same spot.This property is indicated by the BFL index, which means that if the modern carpet in question has the capability to be clearly resistant to flame.

Most used Colors in wall carpets and carpet tiles

Most used Colors in wall carpets and carpet tilesThe interior decoration is so important that the floor is called the main base of the room. Many decorators decorate the room based on floor coverings. Floor coverings are chosen according to the room’s use and aesthetic strains. When choosing floor coverings, one should also consider commuting patterns. Commonly used in high-traffic areas, hard and durable flooring and in low-traffic areas use decorative flooring. Carpet has long been one of the first choices for any family because of its convenience. The carpets are perfectly in line with any style of furniture and decor, and are also luxuriously high-end and so-called “hi-fi”.

Global fixed carpet brings color, texture, and role to your rooms. In addition, the carpet texture is heat and sound insulated. For this reason, wall to wall carpet trends is very suitable in noisy and cold places. Both the carpet and the carpet, due to their delicate texture, stylize the straight lines and geometric architecture of the room. Since carpets are available in a variety of textures, colors, and designs, they are easy to match with a variety of decorations. Usually, carpets will be carpeted to make them look more furnished. Carpet is very suitable for covering rooms that are not very beautiful. This way you don’t need to rebuild the floor because the wall carpet decor completely covers it. Choosing a carpet design for large spaces is a very clever task because it makes the space smaller and friendlier.

Wall to wall carpet home depot, use simple, light-colored carpeting to make the room look bigger. Another point is that the shorter the carpet shades, the larger the room space. The darker the carpets, the larger the spaces become cozy and small. Rooms that are devoid of natural sunlight are a good option. Cold-colored carpets modify very bright spaces.

Most popular & beautiful patterns for Wall carpets

Most popular & beautiful patterns for Wall carpetsCarpets have different colors and designs. You can easily coordinate them with your home decoration and create a dream home for yourself.Fluffy carpets make your home or unit smaller than it actually is.Fluffy carpets with less lint make your home look great. So if your home is small in size, we recommend using fluffy carpets that have less lint.Lighter carpets make your home much larger. So be very careful in choosing the right carpet for your home or unit.Darker carpets show smaller dimensions of your home or unit.If you are looking to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, we recommend using dark carpets.If you have little furniture in your home and want to avoid it, try to cover your floor with patterned or fluffy carpets.

Carpeting is good sound insulation. If you have small children who make a lot of noise at home, we recommend using carpet. Because carpet is a very efficient sound insulator.If your home is on the first floor or there are chillers in your home, we recommend using carpet. Because carpeting, in addition to being a sound insulator, is also a very good insulation for the cold.Parents who have small children should prefer carpeting because it is more secure for your children and the chance that your newborn loved ones will fall down and be harmed.You can find wall to wall carpet prices in websites.

Wall carpet price list and comparison

Wall carpet price list and comparisonHow much you are going to spend and how much you are bored to clean. Old-fashioned carpeting, low-cost but low-end flooring and even rugged flooring are fast and easy to wash, but thicker and more carpeting are more popular in the market. Highly colored carpets are often used to cover the floors of bedrooms. They are priced at more than 4,000 yuan, which can be cheaper or more expensive in different designs. Choosing this carpet model, while giving the home a distinctive beauty, has its own troubles. Cleaning these carpets in the baby room has its own disadvantages, especially when edible crumbs enter carpet indentations.

There is also another type of velvet on the market that is used in the bedroom and if installed in high-rise areas, they will be uprooted and crushed sooner. In contrast, carpets with compact texture with long lint are best suited for high-end locations. Long and soft lint carpets that are simple and layered are also a good choice for sitting softer, easier to walk and warmer in colder areas, and are a good choice for those with a talent or a headache; However, it’s harder to keep wall tapestry clean.

Price changes of carpets in Iran in last 3 years

Price changes of carpets in Iran in last 3 yearsThe market has problems with the supply of raw materials for carpet and carpet production, such as customs clearance and the process of import and supply of currency for export and return of export currency. The carpet market is saturated as it used to be, but it is worth noting that in saturated market conditions the prices of commodities have been rising. And the price is over, causing the market to fluctuate and cause customers to be confused. Following the downturn, rising costs for business units, growing carpet supply chains and tax and revenue discrepancies; some Unions have closed their businesses.Since the beginning of this year, carpet prices have risen by 20 to 25 percent and carpeting by 10 to 15 percent.

Biggest exporters and importers of carpets in the world

Biggest exporters and importers of carpets in the worldIran has a very strong track record in carpet production. The carpet is followed by the handmade carpet. Carpet is a commodity that has its buyers all over the world. Carpet production in the country has been around for half a century, and carpet production plants in the country were first built in the major industrial cities of Mashhad and Kashan. Over time, the number of manufacturing plants in the country increased during this period. Foreign buyers who want to buy a carpet with classic and traditional designs have to go to Iran.

Although Turkey has tried hard to bring itself closer to our country in design and color and have been successful to some extent, carpet design is an art that cannot be moved from one country to another over a period of 10 or 20 years.Iran is a country that has thousands of years of experience in designing and producing carpets. The Iranian carpet is in excellent condition in terms of technology, expertise and art. At present, Iran is the world’s second largest producer by volume. In terms of quality in the world, we rank first in the carpet sector of our competitor country Turkey which operates in the field of modern carpets. Turkey carpets have a maximum of 400 combs but in Iran the carpets we produce are sometimes difficult to distinguish from handmade carpets. Due to the high consumption of these products among our people and other countries, today the amount of production and factory Carpet manufacturers have grown significantly and in total there are more than 1,000 active carpet production units in the country.

How to enter to global market of carpets?

How to enter to global market of carpets?Carpet types are also in demand and are part of the carpet sale. In Iran, we may distinguish between carpet and carpet, but it is basically a flooring.Until about 5 years ago, the Iranian carpet was considered as a capital goods in different countries of the world, let alone what caused the handicrafts to become a consumer goods. That is, it is no longer considered as gold or Swiss watches that hold its value up and its value rises on a dollar basis.

This is known as commodity capital. Unfortunately, this is not the case now, and today the handmade carpet has reached the Chinese markets and the Chinese are making handmade carpets. But there are still different paths in the field of handmade carpets for Iran, and traditional and traditional Iranian carpets have not been opened to China, and specific Iranian designs have still managed to satisfy their market and taste. are. When you get on the carpet track, you see a lot of people telling you every day to buy our product. You just need to take photos and sketch them and make them available to customers through your own directory. If with the way we say, foreign market customers reach you, you will find very good customers for these rugs and make a great profit because each handmade rug has its own design and no second.

Is it profitable to buy and sell wall carpets?

Is it profitable to buy and sell wall carpets?I hope the introduction of this product will give you a chance to find a very good, challenging and exciting route for yourself. If you are familiar with the rug and its context, I suggest you go into it so that you can have a different future for your business and business.It doesn’t matter if you have capital or not, just be interested. The carpet needs a lot of interest so that you can get the output and succeed. Have fun and study well so you can have a foreign customer carpet and be recognized as a carpet trader in the world. I promise you that after a few years you will be recognized with great interest as a very good businessman.

How to make more profits by selling antique wall carpets?

How to make more profits by selling antique wall carpets?Buying and selling antique carpet is one of the highest paid jobs in antique and carpet making.Match carpet is an old acquaintance of families. The production of these carpets continues from the past to the present. The cheap price of the match carpet has made it the perfect choice for covering the floors of gyms and public or office spaces.The long carpet is very thick and very soft and comfortable. This carpet is suitable for residential homes and families with children. Carpet softness creates a sense of relaxation indoors and induces a warm feeling of warmth in the cold seasons. Long carpets come in beautiful designs and colors, and some types of carpets are similar to carpets that are suitable for home decoration.

Design carpets are used both at home and in offices. Both are used in the production of patterned carpets, modern designs or classic designs. These designs are repeated in harmony with the texture. Plank carpet can be used to cover the floors of long corridors, interiors of hotels, theaters and amphitheaters, large lobbies in residential or office complexes as well as community halls. The variety of designs and colors of these carpets satisfy every taste.

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