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Creating a seam at the joint of carpets is important to each other. Do you know anything The width of the carpets in the market is generally 2 to 3 and sometimes 4 meters. In this case, after connecting the carpets to each other during the installation of seams. Inevitably seams are created at the junction.

The degree of seaming between installed carpets depends on the type, texture and color of the carpet. For example, after installing carpets weighing more compact. That is, the apparent amount of seams it creates is more than other types of carpets. Puppy sleep All carpets should be in one direction. When installing carpets next to each other, be sure to pay attention to the sleep of the peasants. If you are thinking of changing carpets and do not know what to do with old carpet, be sure to read this. use seller of moquette carpet wholesale price.

 moquette carpet wholesale

Quality is equal to durability

Quality carpets are more compact and compact, and have a more solid structure and therefore have more durability and durability. On the other hand, it is easy to move and replace quality carpets. This is much easier when replacing decoration. as you know. Color is the main decoration of each room. And since carpet covers a large part of a room. So when choosing a carpet, the principles of the right color are important. It should be considered and adhered to. The important thing about carpet color is. That is. The color of the carpet is brighter when it comes to home after purchase. It is brighter than when the same carpet was in the shop. Always the color you see in the shop. Darker than the color you’ll see at home. Try seller of moquette carpet wholesale price.

 moquette carpet wholesale

The Importance of Carpet Color

This is a kind of visual error. And you should consider it when choosing a carpet color. The other thing to be careful about. How does the color of the carpet appear on the scale of a room. And what effect does it have on the whole room space. For example, carpets with bright colors will open the room. Dark carpets make dark. And the walls look closer together. And they inspire a sense of intimacy in the environment. Neutral colors are the best option for carpet colors. Because neutral colors are easily synchronized with other colors.

Choosing a quality carpet with a neutral color is better. In fact, the best choice is when buying carpets. Because it has a lot of shelf life. It is also easily aligned with all kinds of decoration and layout. Designed carpets, suitable for any space, including home and office. seller of moquette carpet wholesale price.

 moquette carpet wholesale

Note the carpet underwriting

Consider the post-sales warranty. The issue of post-sales guarantee is one of the important issues. That should not be ignored when buying carpets. Consider a variety of international products, including brands. Which has various warranties and warranties. They will ask you about potential problems after purchase. The quality of carpet will increase. know about, seller of moquette carpet wholesale price.

One of the things to be considered. And very important. The back is the carpet. Because it’s not seen, it’s not a big deal for buyers. If it is of great importance. Carpeting is part of carpet. That is between the carpet and the ground. And the main difference is a typical carpet and a great carpet in this section. Good installation in a carpet will make it appear. To keep the carpet effect for a long time. And the better the quality of carpeting. That carpet will be more comfortable and softer. And is more resistant to burnout.

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