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Plain carpet runners for stairs | Modern Stair Runners

There are long narrow carpets used for stairs and hallways and corridors. Carpet runners make stairs very beautiful. They are used in houses, hotels, and other similar places. Plain carpet runners for stairs with a good quality are one of the most selling items in the market. They are available in different colors and designs that customers can match with other pre-existing carpets in the place they are going to use them.

Because stairs have a high traffic the carpet runners for stairs must be very durable. There are different artificial materials for making this kind of carpet. Some of them are more durable and some are less durable but more soft and pleasing for feet. Stairs with less traffic can choose the second type of carpets. They are more expensive, of course.

Plain carpet runners for stairs | Modern Stair Runners

why carpet runner is a great choice for carpeting stairs?

why carpet runner is a great choice for carpeting stairs?Using a carpet runner for stairs have many advantages. First of all, carpet runners make stairs look different. Runners with attractive colors are available for different tastes. There are also plain and designed kind of them. Using runners make the stairs more stylish for sure. Some people consider it as an extra cost for stairs but their opinions will change after using them on stairs.

There are some problems with stairs that runners can solve easily. One common problem is the noise made by going up and down stairs. This noise becomes unbearable at the time of high traffic. Carpet runners make the stairs more soft and reduces the noise very much. The other problem is that stairs are sometimes very slippery. Every years lots of people fall on stairs and get hurt because of it. Having a proper carpet runner on stairs make them safe for use and traffic. There will be no worry especially when kids go up and down the stairs quickly.

plain carpet runners, various colors and patterns

plain carpet runners, various colors and patternsstair runners, as mentioned earlier, have different colors and patterns. These colors should be chosen according to the kind of space they are going yo be used. For example, if you are covering home stairs and you have a relaxing nature then a plain gray color can fit very well. For especial occasions, the red color is very common. Artistic galleries and similar places use the green color a lot. It would be a good idea to consult a professional before choosing the color and pattern of the runner before doing any purchase. Variety of colors and patterns will give enough freedom to find your favorite match.

average size of stair runners

average size of stair runnersPlain stair runners prices have different sizes. Choosing different sizes will make the stairs look different. Some customers prefer to cover the whole stairs by the runners. Others choose to cover only a part of the stairs. In the second option, the color and pattern of the runner should be matched or mixed with the color of the stairs. Factories provide standard sizes that are commonly used by people. However, if you have stairs with a very different size then you can order a factory shop or store to make it for you.

plain carpet runners price details

plain carpet runners price detailsPlain carpet runners for stairs have different prices according to the size and material of the carpet. Wholesale markets offer better prices. Like all other products in the market, buying more carpets means paying lower prices. Factory websites also sell their carpet runner products. They have real pictures of runners used in different places which helps customers to have a better vision of the color and pattern of the product. Installation of the runners is also important. Stairs are not all the same. They have different shapes and are made with different styles. There are delicate details in installation methods that only professionals know about.

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