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Carpet Underlay | moquette carpet manufacturer

Carpet Underlay

Hotel carpet, popular hotel flooring

Hotel carpet is the most popular and most used flooring used in hotels. One of the most important parameters of interior decoration and hotel decoration around the world is the choice of suitable carpeting as a flooring for different hotel spaces. The significance of this issue is so much that many reputable and prominent manufacturers in the carpet industry are producing locksmiths for hotels.

But perhaps the main question is why using carpets for hotels is so important? Or why carpet is used as the main flooring in hotels and less used on other flooring.

Carpet, Popular hotels flooring

  The most important priority in the hotel industry is to offer excellent, non-flawed hotel services to guests in order to give them an excellent and unrepeatable experience. This priority is taken into consideration in all processes from design to hotel operation and maintenance, and it seeks to provide conditions for maintaining the comfort and comfort of the passengers in every respect. A set of factors has made carpeting, the flooring of hoteliers and architects most popular for use in the hotel and responding to these priorities. The following are the reasons why carpets are popular in hotels.

High variation of design and color

Carpet offers a versatile variety in terms of design and color, and in addition to unlimited variety, allows architects and designers to order custom designs and patterns. High diversity in the design and color of carpets, in addition to having a direct impact on the experience of the guests, is a very important and decisive parameter in the design process, and is of great help to designers to create designs and spaces that can create unique experiences for the guests. It comes in.

In the past, to produce a carpet with a custom design, issues such as time, cost, etc., but the development of carpet dyeing technology, and the possibility of printing the color and the design desired by the designers on the carpet, the creation of custom carpets to an economical and It has become a hassle and has changed the design and color of the carpet to a really unrestricted subject.

Carpet Underlay | moquette carpet manufacturer

which is best carpet underlay

which is best carpet underlay best carpet tape

Variety of sizes and dimensions

Another advantage of the carpet, which makes the floor coverings suitable for hotels, is that carpets, in addition to the variety of designs, colors, sizes and sizes are more diverse and with a simple cut-off capability, it is easy to design and The map is matched by architects. Carpets are produced both thai and rolled and available to architects and designers. The variety of dimensions and sizes, the possibility of customizing these dimensions and sizes, as well as the ability to easily be cut in complex surfaces, are among the other benefits of carpets for use as hotel floors. (Among other floors, only vinyl flooring can compete with carpets in this case and available both in tile and roll.)

Durability and longevity of hotel carpeting

One of the issues that is sometimes referred to as the weakness and heel of Achilles carpet as a hotel floor is the matter of the longevity and durability of this flooring than floors such as rock and ceramics. To overcome this concern and trouble, and to ensure the durability and durability of carpets, it is imperative to use carpets of international standards. Paying attention to these standards will make the carpet last 10 to 30 years in spaces filled up like a hotel. The most important of these standards is the European Standard EN 1307, which is cited in the European countries as the reference standard.

Sound reduction by hotel carpet

For a designer and architect, creating a quiet environment is one of the top priorities in designing hotels. In terms of the hotel’s users and guests, staying calm in a crowded atmosphere like a hotel is essential. Carpet offers an excellent performance by attracting noise from people walking and transporting appliances and … instead of reflecting or exacerbating them. The performance of stone, ceramics, parquet, etc., which, in addition to the lack of voice control, can also be reflected in the sound, can not be compared with carpet.

Temperature control and energy efficiency

Another reason for choosing a carpet (carpet hotel) as a popular flooring in hotels is the carpet thermal performance. Carpets work like thermal insulators in the space they are expanded. To the extent that the temperature of the heaters in a carpet room by the carpet, without causing a cold feeling in the room, can easily be reduced from 2 to 3 degrees. This is important not only because of the calmness of the passengers and the people, but also because of the energy saving both in terms of the environment and in terms of cost savings.


Carpet structure has made the carpeting a very safe floor. Walking on carpets, due to the softness of the surface, injures less damage to the waist and muscles. On the other hand, the carpet creates a much lower risk of slipping and falling while walking than other floors, and if people fall, the chance of falling injuries is much less than other floors.

Other benefits of hotel carpets

In addition to the benefits of carpet weaving to a cabin of a hotel floor, there are other things to consider, such as easy switching and moving, easy cleaning and … as other benefits of carpeting.

Wholesale Carpets & Flooring- Lower Prices

Wholesale Carpets & Flooring- Lower Prices best carpet to buy

Office carpeting

Furniture and decoration of an office or office space is one of the most important and influential cases in the office space. On the other hand, the decoration of the furniture of an office has an irrefutable role in creating a sense of space, and you can decorate yourself with a serious weather or an intimate working environment. Carpets are the most important and, at the same time, the most popular floorboards used in office work. Carpets can transform the office space from a bored state to a jolly state or you can turn the office into a completely formal and very serious environment by choosing a carpet next to the office furniture.

You will probably see pictures of world-famous companies such as google and apple and more. Sparkling and beautiful spaces full of happy and vibrant colors. Architects and designers in the design of many office and office spaces, along with the creation of official spaces, try to create vivid and lively environments in order to reduce the uniformity of office spaces and affect the mental vitality of the employees. And in the meantime, carpets have always been the main actors.

But the basic question is, what kind of carpet is suitable for your office? And what factors can affect the choice of office carpeting or office carpet?

What is the traffic flow and how much traffic is in the office?

Offices and office spaces have a high traffic flow, unlike houses. Of course, this is not the same for all spaces, for example traffic in corridors and entrance spaces and meeting rooms is higher than other spaces. And on the other hand, depending on the type of work of the offices, the traffic flow will vary with each other.

Carpet used in office or office carpeting should be resistant to traffic and traffic.

Design style and interior decoration of the office

The design of your office and office space is also very important. This is especially important in choosing the color of your office. Your choice carpet must match the walls and decoration of your office as well as your architectural demands.

How much is your budget?

Your budget for choosing a carpet for your space is very important and can easily affect all other things. You have to pay for the carpet according to the budget you have. Of course, cheaper carpets have more restrictions and troubles, and they will probably be less durable and you will need to replace them after a few years.

What kind of carpet is suitable?

Carpets used in office or office space should have short fibers and should not be used with high-fiber carpets or what is known as long pink carpets in Iran. Long carpets, in addition to moving wheelchairs and benches, will make it difficult to keep track of the wheels and the effects of the base of the tables and … on them, they need a lot of cleaning because they can easily show contamination.

best carpet for high traffic areas

best carpet for high traffic areas best carpet type for living room

For use in office spaces and workbenches, carpets with a loop type of fabric are better options and it is suggested to use this kind of carpets as office carpeting. Loop carpets often have short fibers and do not disturb wheelchairs. In addition, the rejection of the wheel does not remain on these carpets. If you are using Cut Pallet Carpets, it is also necessary to use short-fiber fibers.

Resistance to static electricity

Antistatic carpeting is recommended for many office spaces. Of course, this recommendation applies to spaces that use sensitive electronic devices or to a large number of computers. For example, office carpeting used in laboratories or server rooms must be antistatic.

Office carpet color

Office carpeting used in a office can have any design and color. Whether the color of the carpet or its design is depends on the type of office decoration, as well as the type of design and color space. But it’s best to look at the color of the carpet when it comes to the color of the carpet. If you do not select the correct color, the number of times that you want to wipe the carpet a week will probably also increase.

Tyler carpet or Rolling carpet

Tayl’s carpets account for the bulk of the flooring market used in office space. These carpets are a great option for use in office spaces. Thail carpets are easily removable and replaceable. Also, these carpets are excellent for office spaces where their electrical installations are performed on the floor, because access to the facility is easily accessible from anywhere. These can be replaced by Tayl’s carpets, as well as the fact that Tyle carpets can easily be moved from space to space.

Roll carpets can be a good option. These carpets are always available, and all carpet manufacturers produce this type of carpet. Color variation and high design.

What fibers are suitable

Depending on the type of office and office use, the best carpets that can be used are carpets made of nylon or polypropylene fibers. In addition to high durability, these fibers also have good resistance to dirt and dirt and are well cleaned.

What is the most durable type of carpet?

What is the most durable type of carpet?

When guests arrive at the hotel, they look at the hotel’s look and feel, as well as the hotel’s level of service. Since the hotel’s income depends on the guest’s satisfaction, it must be in the design. The interior decoration of the hotel has a great deal of time and taste, while at the same time paying attention to the important features of an environment that extends the guest’s satisfaction. The flooring of the hotel is one of the most impressive and important features.

One of the most important components of interior decoration of the hotel is the flooring, the hotel flooring not only has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, but can also visually affect the guest. Hence, various types of flooring are designed with different materials, floors made of granite, marble, laminate, etc., but Tupping carpet is the best choice for the flooring of the hotel. This has proven to be the number of hotels using this floor.

Carpet Tuffing is one of the products of this company which, due to its high quality and unique features, is very much in harmony with the hotel’s environment. Tufted carpeting or high-pitched carpet is produced in three ways: loop, cut and cut-loop. The carpets produced by the cut method are very soft and, according to their designs, create warm and pleasant spaces. Of course, guests are comfortable and comfortable with being in these spaces. Loop carpets are very durable and cut-loop carpets combine softness and durability. There are many reasons why Tufting Carpet has become one of the best options for use in hotels.

Tufted carpet diversity and aesthetics

The proportions of aesthetic interior decoration elements have a huge impact on guest’s sense. The floor is like a fifth wall of a room, as it is important for the design of the color and the four walls of the room to decorate the room, the choice of the flooring of the hotel is also important. One of the features of the Tuffing Carpet is its versatile range and wide range of colors, which simply allows for coordination with other parts of the room and can provide a warm atmosphere for guests.

best quality carpet for stairs

best quality carpet for stairs

Comfort in Tuffing Carpet

Creating a sense of tranquility and comfort for the guest is one of the most important points to satisfy guest satisfaction. Carpet Tuffing Cuts due to its soft texture can make the guest feel more comfortable and comfortable.

Definitely the first goal of a hotel is to protect the health and safety of your guests. The lack of slipping and softness of Tuffing carpets has made this flooring the best option for safety.

Usually, hotels are crowded environments, and commuting is not limited to steps by guests and staff, but the transfer of wheelchairs and heavy appliances has a greater impact on the floor and depreciates. Loop tufted carpeting is one of the most durable floorboards available on hotel floors. In addition to its durability and comfort, this type of carpet also prevents noise when moving items.

best carpet pile for living room

best carpet pile for living room

Repair and maintenance

Tuffing carpet, due to its long lids, well covers the spots and hides dust, which makes it easier to keep it. Also, if you need to change the interior decoration, it is easily replaced, and it is a good choice to update the interior design. The company recently introduced its Tuffing hydrophobic carpet called Tuffing Chartanho, which is highly resistant to dirt and dirt and is an ideal choice for use in hotels.

Tufting carpet prices

Tufted carpet is a good price for other floors, such as parquet or laminate. Installing and replacing it is also very convenient. Also, the plant’s use of the most up-to-date carpet production equipment has made the Tufting carpet in addition to its affordable, high quality and durability.

Hotels have long been using tufted carpets or tufted carpets in their interior decoration. Due to its unique features, this type of carpet has managed to maintain its popularity amongst the audience and provide the perfect response to their needs for an ideal flooring.

best carpet underlay for bedroom

best carpet underlay for bedroom best carpet for your money

Regarding the quality of the carpet in the first place, you must see how much you spend and how much time you need to clean it. If you are a little bored, we recommend you matching carpets. The old mockets are called Matching carpets, which are inexpensive, but tight, but even rough and thin but easy to clean, but you should know carpets Thick and stylish have more fan and buyer. These wrought-iron carpets that have a high veneering design are also used to cover the floor of the bedrooms. Choosing this model for expensive carpets, although it offers a great deal of beauty to the home, still has many troubles. For example, carpet cleaning in the child’s room has its own harshness, especially when carrots are added to carpeted carvings. Finally, in the case of high-quality carpets, manufacturers of carpets produce a variety of carpet quality and have to pay more for quality carpets. Of course, quality carpets are available both in domestic carpeting and exterior carpeting. Some types of carpets have been found to have quality interior carpets both in terms of price and quality Outdoor carpeting excels.

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